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Construction Tips For Beginners

No Choking: How To Improve The Airflow Through Your AC Condenser Unit

by Dawn Henry

If you keep your home cool with a central-air system, you will have a condenser unit located on the outside of the house. This condenser unit is subjected to all of the fury that mother nature can throw at it. Weeds, debris, hard water, shrubs, leaves, and other hazards can impair the function of a condenser unit, which in turn decreases its efficiency. If you want to preserve your AC's efficiency in order to keep your cooling bills down, then you need to take proper care of your condenser unit. 

What Not to Do

A condenser unit looks like a metal box, so it is understandable why people would try to hide them. Unfortunately, if you let grass and shrubs overgrow your condenser unit, they can cause problems for your condenser. Furthermore, dead grass shoots and leaves from shrubs can coat your condenser coils. The accumulation of plants on the coils combined with the proximity of the shrubs and grasses will choke off air flow through the condenser coils, and without proper airflow the condenser coils can't do their job.

What to Do

In order to preserve proper airflow, you should keep all weeds, grasses, and flowers at least two-feet back from your condenser coils. If you let weeds and grasses grow right up to your condenser coils, you will periodically have to cut them down to preserve airflow. To avoid more work later on, you will need to pull up your weeds and grasses to eradicate them, and then put down some weed mat to prevent them growing in again. Covering the weed mat with decorative rocks or bark will help to dress up the area. 

As far as shrubs go, you should pay attention to how big they will grow, and then plant them far enough away that you should not have to worry about them growing too close to your condenser unit. Even then, you will probably have to cut your shrubs back from time to time to keep them from causing problems. 

A condenser unit is a vital part of your AC system. If your condenser unit doesn't work properly, the efficiency of your whole system can be compromised. If your efficiency suffers, you will pay too much money to keep your house cool. It's a shame to pay too much money, when you can do something as simple as a little weeding to keep your costs down.

For more information, or if your AC system needs repairs, contact Discount Heating & Cooling.