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Construction Tips For Beginners

3 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing An Overhead Door

by Dawn Henry

If you own your own business, you know how important it is to keep your overhead doors in working order. While you can repair just about any overhead door, there comes a time when it's simply more feasible to replace it. This is especially true if your current doors are not efficient, strong or compatible with your current needs. If you are ready to replace a worn out or impractical overhead door, there are three things you should consider. 

Thermal Efficiency

If your garage or loading dock is always cold, your loading doors could be at fault. Not only are many doors installed improperly, which can allow cold air to seep in around the cracks, but many are not insulated enough to keep your space warm. Today, doors are available that have an R-value rating of up to 26. Higher ratings correlate into greater heat retention in your space. Insulated doors with higher ratings tend to be thicker—sometimes several inches thick. Most have U-factor ratings as well, which will keep your space cool when the sun shines bright. 

Wind Resistance

If you live in a coastal region where hurricanes are common or in a region that experiences high winds, your business's doors could fail during a particularly nasty storm. If this happens, damaging winds can enter your business and cause massive damage, such as blowing out windows, doors and walls. Wind can also pick up debris, which can collide into your structure and equipment, causing a great deal of damage. Therefore, it's extremely important to choose a door that has a storm rating that can withstand the wind loads experienced in your region. To find out what is required in your area, consult the International Building Code. 


Visibility is a major issue, especially when it comes to interior overhead doors. If you need to lock an area of your business off from foot traffic but still wish to have a clear view into the space, you can utilize a security grill. This is a secure overhead door that is constructed to look like a grill. Not only can you see through the door unobstructed, the door also allows free air flow. 

As you can see, there are several things to consider when you choose to replace a commercial overhead door rather than to repair it. Since your new door will last for years to come with regular maintenance, it's very important that you make the right choices regarding your commercial door purchase. For more information, contact A Door Company.