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Construction Tips For Beginners

Inviting Walkway Ideas For Your Garden

by Dawn Henry

Something about a garden path invites you and your guests to walk a little deeper. Perhaps the trail will lead to a hidden garden feature, or the pool – or simply the front door. Whatever the promise, garden walkways beckon people. Make your yard's path even more inviting by designing an elegant, whimsical or even fragrant walkway.

Classic Pathway

Can there be any more classic path design than one made of brick? A walkway made of bricks speaks of elegance and permanence. It works especially well with a traditional style home. If you have masonry in your home's design, match the bricks in your garden path.  For added interest, have them laid in an unusual pattern, such as opposing directions.

Chic Walkway

As an alternative to brick, consider having flat stones installed. Select large, cut-stone pavers, and have them edged with a design element. For instance, if the path is leading to a pool or hot tub, carve out a little niche in which you install a bench. Echo the shape of the bench on the other side of the path with a cut-out filled with gravel. This symmetry gives your chic stone walkway an artistic flair.

Moving Path

Don't imagine airport walkways. Think instead of a stone pathway that creates the illusion of movement. Better Homes and Gardens suggests having pavers, bricks or stone installed with curves in the pathway. This gives the illusion of the trail snaking through your garden. If the path can disappear around a deeper curve – even if it's just to the garage – more's the better.

Gravel Trail

Do you have a gloriously overgrown garden with established trees, wild shrubs and flowers galore? Perhaps you'd like to create a storybook vibe without the muddy trail. In that case, plan out your path, and line it in gravel. Gravel comes in many colors, so select one that complements the natural landscape. For extra design, add a garden island in the middle of a wide space in the path.

Fragrant Footpath

As you walk, wouldn't it be nice if your tread released puffs of fragrance? In that case, seek out a selection of large pavers. Have them installed in a regular pattern leading into your garden, but with space left in between. Fill those spaces with a hardy but fragrant plant such as thyme or sage. Mint works well, too, though most varieties are too tall to plant between the pavers.

The design of your garden path depends on your home's design, your garden and the target ambiance. Have a good look at your space, and note the details of the walkway that pops up in your mind's eye. That's the best garden path style for your yard. Talk to your local landscaping experts, such as Woare Builders Supply Co., for more information.