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Construction Tips For Beginners

Cool Tools To Buy Dad This Father's Day

by Dawn Henry

If you are on the fence about what to give dad for Father's Day this year, consider giving him a cool and convenient tool to add to his home-building and improvement toolbox. Whether he is a first time homeowner or a DIY expert, any of these items make an appealing and appreciated gift for a special man.

Some clever tools that make cool gifts for dad include:

A laser tape measure.

A laser tape measure makes it far easier to obtain accurate measurements without the chore of having to hold the tape in place on one end. These make it a breeze to get quick and precise measurements, improving the results of most building projects.

Noise-canceling headphones.

Protect dad's ears with a pair of quality noise-canceling headphones. Dad may not realize how the sounds of his chainsaw, lawnmower, or power tools could impact his hearing over time. Give him a pair of these headphones to make noisy chores more comfortable for him and gentler on his ears.

Pressure washers.

If you want to save dad some strain and effort during spring cleaning, give him a pressure washer for Father's Day. These make easy work of cleaning siding, washing a car, or hosing down a boat.

A paint sprayer.

Another great tool for dad that will cut his home improvement labor in half is a paint sprayer. Dad will be able to give any space a new face with fresh paint.

Retractable reel for extension cords.

There are few situations as frustrating as not being able to find an extension cord when you need it, unless it is finding the cord and having to spend precious time untangling and un-knotting it. The retracting reel of these clever extension cord holders make it easy to unwind and keep tidy in garages or storage spaces.

A drill holster.

A drill holster is like a stylish spin on a tool-belt. These fit on the hip and will easily hold the drill for easy access and quick retrieval when needed during projects. If your dad doesn't regularly use a drill around the house, these holsters will also accommodate a couple of standard sized hand tools that he will use.

Tool sharpeners.

Tools are basically useless if they become dull and ineffective. Help dad keep his tools in tip-top condition, with sharpened blades with a tool sharpener. These devices vary, with many offering a grinder to create a fresh edge on dull saw blades or knives.

Tools make excellent gifts and dads will love any of these seven suggestions. If you necessary, get some help from a shop like Bourget Bros Building Materials. Give dad something that he really wants this Father's Day, and show him that you care with one of these clever and cool gifts!