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Construction Tips For Beginners

4 Indoor Air Conditioning Unit Tips For Homes With Pets

by Dawn Henry

If you have a compact air conditioning unit in your home, it becomes so important that you get familiar with how to best use it during the warmer months. For homes with pets, there are more things to consider to ensure that the air conditioner continues running fine and that you aren't putting your pet at risk of being injured due to the AC unit. With the following four tips, you'll be able to keep the AC running smoothly throughout the summer without harming your pet.

Keep Any Cords Tucked Away

Loose power cords can be a hazard if your pet is prone to chewing. In order to ensure that they don't become injured due to chewing on power cords and no harm is done to the air conditioning unit, it's important that you keep cords lifted off the ground and tucked out of sight from your pets.

Pick an Air Filter Suited for Pets

The air filter is responsible for trapping debris and dust in your home and keeping it out of the air, so it's important to consider the impact of having a home with pets. In order for the air conditioner to continue running without incident and to keep pet hair out of the air, you need to look into buying an air filter that is suitable for homes with pets.

Along with picking a filter specifically with your pet in mind, you'll need to be sure that you change it on a regular basis to ensure your AC continues running smoothly.

Make Routine Cleaning a Habit

Cleaning out your air conditioner can be a time-consuming process due to how many parts are involved, but it's crucial if you're concerned about it working at its best. By cleaning out the air conditioner regularly, you can take care of trapped pet hair and ensure that the AC doesn't run into problems later due to clogging or working poorly.

Limit Interaction with the Unit

If your pet is naturally curious, you may have trouble keeping them away from the unit, which could lead to them damaging it when it you're away. If possible, you can try and keep your pet away from the unit with safety fencing suitable for indoors.

Keeping your home cool throughout the summer requires some extra work when pets are involved. Instead of allowing your pets to cause trouble with the AC unit, look into what kind of maintenance is involved in order to avoid repairs altogether.