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Construction Tips For Beginners

2 Window Replacements That Make Your Home Easier To Clean

by Dawn Henry

Choosing to replace your windows is a great way to take advantage of the many different types of available windows that can benefit you in a variety of ways. One great type of window is the kind that will make your home easier to clean, such as the ones discussed below. 

Enclosed Blinds

One of the problems with having blinds on your windows is that they can attract quite a bit of dust. This will not only lead to you having to take time out of your day to dust them, but it can also lead to the air quality in your home becoming worse over time. This dust can also be an issue for people in your home that suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

A great way to eliminate this problem is to buy a type of window that actually encases your blinds between two pieces of glass. The only part of these blinds that will be accessible are the parts needed to manipulate the blinds. This means that dust will not be able to reach the blinds, which also means that you can remove dusting the blinds from your list of household chores.

A nice side benefit to this type of window is that the blinds will be protected from your pets. Since blinds are typically going to be quite fragile, a dog or cat that wants to be able to look outside can easily destroy them. However, with the blinds enclosed between the panes of glass, your pet will not be able to access and destroy the blinds.


Another great option if you want to make your house easier to clean is to purchase windows that are double-hung. A double-hung window has the option to open the window into your home, which will allow you to clean both the inside and outside surfaces of the glass without having to leave your house.

This is quite a bit safer and more convenient than traditional windows. With traditional windows, you would end up having to go outside and walk from window to window if you wanted perfectly clean windows. If you have a home with multiple levels, the problem becomes even worse as you would either have to forego washing your windows or climb a ladder to reach and clean the upper level windows, which can be dangerous and time-consuming.

Speak to a contractor and/or window dealer today in order to discuss what kind of replacement windows would fit your home and budget. Double-hung windows and windows with enclosed blinds are great choices if you want to make your home a bit easier to clean.