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Construction Tips For Beginners

Two Tips To Ensure Your Business's Exterior Doors Are Secure

by Dawn Henry

For any business, a break-in is a devastating experience. Between property damage and any stolen equipment, the cost and stress level associated with this type of experience can be overwhelming. Are your doors increasing your risk of a break-in? If you haven't taken the time to ensure your exterior doors are secure, your doors could serve as an easily accessible point of entry for a burglar. Make certain your doors are designed to keep your business secure.  


Your first consideration should be the material that the door is constructed from. For doors that are in the rear of a business and are used primarily by employees, choose a door designed from steel. It's best to avoid options like aluminum or fiberglass. Steel is a highly-durable material that can withstand banging, kicks or other force without being knocked off the hinges.

Having a strong door in this area is very important because the door will be out of view from the street, making it an ideal target for a burglar. If you decide to include glass within the door, ensure the glass has been reinforced. Reinforced glass is very difficult to break and in the event it does break, it won't shatter.

Lock Plates and Locks

The next thing you want to consider is the type of lock plate you have on your exterior doors. Make sure you install a latch guard lock plate. Latch guard lock plates are designed to be used on a door that opens away from the building, such as those that open outwards. The reason this addition is so important is because it keeps a door in the closed position even if the door is not locked. Without this feature, an unlocked door could easily swing open.

In terms of lock styles, consider installing a lock with an electronic keypad. This feature can minimize the amount of time it takes to get inside the building. Instead of your team members having to look for a key to gain access to the building, they can easily input a code. Additionally, if someone gets access to the code that is not authorized, you can reset the keypad in mere minutes. With a traditional lock, it would take much longer to have a locksmith come out and change the locks.

Protecting your business begins with you. Make certain you are making security a priority and protecting your business with secure exterior doors. Contact general contractors, such as Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc.