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Construction Tips For Beginners

Is Open Shelving Really For You?

by Dawn Henry

Open shelving is the hot new trend to hit kitchens everywhere. Homeowners and kitchen designers alike appreciate the open shelving design because it's informal, casual, and it keeps the kitchen looking airy and open. A significant number of people remodeling their kitchens today are removing cabinets and installing shelves. Still, before you make the decision to switch to open shelving, it's important to understand the cons as well as the pros. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Open shelving is quaint, simple and slightly Bohemian, like something you might expect to see in a converted loft apartment or a cabin in the woods. In a subtle way, open shelving is also psychologically comforting. Instead of a room lined with closed cabinet doors, open shelving gives you a glimpse of everything normally existing behind the scenes. On a practical level, open shelving makes dishes easy to find, even for people who aren't familiar with your kitchen. Anyone who enters a room with open shelving will be able to locate a plate or a bowl with ease. 

That sounds great, right? Open shelving is cute, it's interesting, and it's trending. While all these things are true, there are a few practical snags that must be considered when deciding whether to install open shelving, and if so, how much. First, open shelving is good in kitchens where the dishes match, or where they're attractively mismatched, in good condition and easy to stack in aesthetically pleasing ways.

Think about the state of your own dishes and the disorganized stacks of mismatched kitchenware hiding behind your cabinets. Imagine what your kitchen would look like if the doors were removed from your cabinets today. Installing open shelving means carefully selecting dishes based on their ability to look good out in the open.  

In addition, open shelving provides no shield from dust. Unprotected dishes, unless they're used on a near-daily basis, can quickly become sticky and dirty with grease and dust. Dishes that are not used regularly and are stored on open shelves must be cleaned before they can touch food.

The Advantages of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets maintain a uniform appearance while hiding dishes that are aesthetically challenged. Cabinets also provide dust and grease protection, ensuring that the contents of the cabinets are ready to be used on a moment's notice. Kitchen cabinets are practical and useful. Perhaps most important of all, cabinets are a standard expectation in households throughout the country, despite growing trends. 

Finding a Happy Medium

Homeowners hoping to achieve the look and feel of open shelving but maintain the practicality of kitchen cabinets have choices. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors can offer the visibility of open shelves, but still provide protection from dust and grease. For other homeowners, installing just a few open shelves and leaving the majority of the dishes behind kitchen cabinets allows them to get some of the aesthetic benefits of open shelves while enjoying the practical benefits of cabinetry. 

To decide which type of shelving, cabinetry, or combination of the two is right for you, consult with a professional contractor or interior designer, like those at Superior Cabinet Supply. He or she will be able to help you decide what makes the most sense for your kitchen.