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Construction Tips For Beginners

How To Combine Your Fencing With Natural Landscaping

by Dawn Henry

Privacy is a feature that most homeowners want for their home and there is no better way to get this in your backyard than with fencing. While fencing can help add the privacy you desire, it is important to also look into how you can make the fencing look as attractive as possible. Many people find that fencing is an unappealing addition to a backyard, making it a good idea to add some natural landscaping as well.   

Stick with a Similar Style to the Rest of Your Yard

The easiest way to ensure that your yard has the look you want is by making sure to add natural landscaping that works with the exterior of your home and any other existing plants. Adding shrubs and flowers near the fencing is a good start, but you will want to make sure that any addition you make blends in well with the rest of your home.

Evergreen shrubs, ornamental grass, and mixed plants can all help give your fencing a unique look that will fit in with most styles of yards.

Avoid Plants That Could Harm the Fencing

Some plants can be rather intrusive, finding their way in between the boards of wood fences. This can cause damage and lead you to needing fence restoration work a few years after putting in the new plants, making it important to skip any plants that could be damaging.

Check for Any Potential HOA Guidelines

If you live in an area with a homeowners association, it is essential that you take a look at any of their rules regarding fencing. You may discover that the fence needs to be a certain height or that the plants cannot grow over the fencing at all.

Opt for Low-Maintenance Plants

When getting new plants to put in around your fencing, you will want to avoid anything that is too time-intensive or needing a lot of water to stay healthy. By choosing plants that complement the fence without needing a lot of care, you can ensure that your yard continues looking great without a lot of focus on the landscaping itself.

Whether you want to get climbing vines put in around the fencing or you are interested in colorful shrubs, you will need to look for plants that will do well around your existing fencing. Taking the time to choose the right plants for your fencing installation will ensure that the finished results meet what you had in mind and that the fence stays sturdy and in good condition in the years to follow.