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I'm glad you stopped by my website. I am Rafael Singleton. I always felt that there wasn't enough information available for those who would like to do a little renovation or those who would like to engage in their own construction projects. There is a lot of information that would be helpful for a professional construction contractor, but I always had a difficult time navigating the resources out there as a layman. I'm the type who always likes to take the initiative to get something done if I notice nobody else stepping up to the plate, so I decided to create this website focused on construction.


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Construction Tips For Beginners

4 Tips For Dealing With Stuck Deadbolts

by Dawn Henry

A stuck or sticky deadbolt lock is not an issue you want to ignore. Doing so may mean that you end up locked out of your own home. The following tips can help you fix your deadbolt locks, so that they work properly and they also secure your property safely.

Tip #1: Perform an Inspection

Your first task is to find out if the problem is with the lock or the door frame. To do so, open the door and operate the deadbolt, both extending and retracting the lock shank. If the lock turns with no sticking issues, the problem is with the door frame. The problem is within the lock if it still sticks.

Tip #2: Check the Alignment

For issues with the door frame, you need to find out why the door has shifted out of alignment. Often, the problem is with the hinges on the door. Check that both door hinges are screwed in firmly, and that the hinge pins are fully installed. Hinges can work loose over time. If the hinges are installed properly, a small shift to the house may have ruined the frame's alignment. You may need to re-position the strike plate and the hole in the frame where the deadbolt enters so that it no longer sticks. Warped doors can also causes issues. In this case, you will need to re-position the strike plate or replace the door.

Tip #3: Check for Lubrication

Dirt and grime get into a door lock eventually. It's carried there by wind and your key. Once inside the lock, it can gum it up and make it stick. Clean out the lock by blowing into the keyholes with canned air. Spray a small amount of lubricant into the keyhole. You do not want the lubricant to be applied so heavily that it oozes out of the lock. Immediately place your key in the lock and engage and disengage it several times so that the lubricant can work throughout the moving parts inside.

Tip #4: Get Professional Help

It's time to call a locksmith if your lock is still sticking after you have corrected any alignment issues or lubricated the mechanism. The problem may be inside the lock, which will require that it be taken apart and fully cleaned, lubricated and repaired. It's best to leave this to a professional, since it is often less expensive to pay a locksmith to repair a lock compared to purchasing a new top quality deadbolt. You also need to call in a locksmith if your lock has become so stuck that a key has broken off inside of it.

For more information, contact Security Locksmiths or a similar company.