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Construction Tips For Beginners

Keeping Your Sunroom Space Comfortable Year Round

by Dawn Henry

If you've recently moved into a new home that has a sunroom, it's likely one of the highlights of your entire living area. Getting out and enjoying the space is something that you'll want to do year round. If the sunroom is not a four-season sunroom and it's made from aluminum material, it may be lacking the insulating factors to make the space warm during the winter months. You can still enjoy your aluminum sunroom during the winter if you institute a few techniques to create an insulated space.

Make Sure Your Home Is Insulated Properly

One of the biggest factors in creating a warm sunroom space is to make sure that your entire home is insulated properly. This means making sure that you have rolled insulation on your attic floor and above your ceilings. Getting into small spaces with blown-in cellulose or SPF insulation can help create an airtight space that will prevent heat from escaping. Be sure that the entryway from the home to the sunroom has no gaps where cold air can get in. This allows warm air to go through and will keep the sunroom warmer, even if you're using a space heater or gas fireplace to heat your sunroom.

Install Insulated Window Coverings

To keep cold air at bay, you might want to start with new window coverings. Insulated drapes and blinds can help filter light and allow the room to receive heat from the sun's UV rays. It will also aid in keeping cold air out. Using a combination of the two allows you to keep cold air from seeping in at night when the drapes are closed and have the blinds give you optimal viewing choices during the day.

Add Insulated Panels

Most aluminum sunrooms do not come with any insulation in them. This means that cold air can easily enter during the cooler winter months. You can add your own panels using insulated foam panels that can be specialty cut to fit on the interior of your sunroom. This will help boost the savings you'll see in your electric and gas heat services while you are heating your sunroom space.

Apply Weatherstripping

Weatherproofing your sunroom allows you to get more enjoyment out of it while the cold winds are blowing outside. Applying caulk around the window panes creates an effective airtight seal. Block wind with foam weatherstripping around outside doors and the base of the sunroom. Clear plastic window coverings may also be an option. This will help seal up any gaps within the sunroom and keep the space as warm as possible.

While you may enjoy using your sunroom during the summer, there is no reason why you can't enjoy this space through the changing seasons. A few simple steps will create a cozy space that you can get a lot of use out of. Talking to local contractors, such as at Rollins Construction, can help you come up with a few more tips.