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Construction Tips For Beginners

Is Your Roof Missing Shingles? Cover With Metal Instead Of Repairing The Old Problems

by Dawn Henry

If the roof on your home is missing some shingles and you know it hasn't been replaced or checked out in a decade, it's time to talk with roofing contractors in your area before something bad happens. You should get the roof inspected, and ask the contractor what it would cost to have metal panels put on the roof.

There are many benefits to updating the roof with metal paneling, especially instead of updating it with new asphalt shingles. Here are a few reasons you want to ask about metal for your home.

Dodge Removal Hassles

With a metal roof you may be able to dodge removal hassles, because if the current roof doesn't need to be torn off, metal panels can go over the existing roof. If there is no mold, water damage or significant concerns, you don't have to pay someone to remove the old shingles, and you don't have to pay to have the old shingles hauled away. Instead, the new metal roofing pieces go on over the top.

Lower Utility Expenses

The metal roofing panels are going to help with both your heating and cooling costs. The metal roof stops the sun rays from getting inside the house and reduces heat from passing through, keeping the house naturally cooler in the summer. It also insulates the house to keep the air conditioned air inside and keeping heat trapped in during the winter when the furnace runs. This saves you money when the utility bills come each month since your furnace and air conditioner won't be running for as many hours.

Update the House

Updating the house with a new metal roof is going to increase the property value when you go to resell, and it's going to make the house safer. The metal is impact resistant and fire resistant, which can get you a discount on your home insurance policy. You'll want to tell your insurance agent about the upgrade anyways, to alter the value of the home on your policy.

If your roof has shingles or shakes that are missing, blistering and breaking off, it's time to upgrade the roof and make it look great. The metal paneling are going to improve the curb appeal of the house while making the home safer and saving you money, all at the same time. Talk with the roof contractors and get a couple of quotes to compare the installation and material costs for the project.