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Construction Tips For Beginners

3 Benefits Of Having A Whole Home Water Softener

by Dawn Henry

Even if the water in your home comes from a municipal source, you cannot guarantee that the water is as clean as it possibly can be. While water filtering pitchers are a good first step to improve your drinking water, they don't help with the water that you use in the rest of your house. By installing a whole home water softening system, you'll see the following 3 benefits.

Your Hardware, Plumbing, and Appliances Won't Become Damaged

Tough minerals, such as lime and calcium, are what make water hard. They tend to stick to anything that uses water, and the buildup can be difficult to remove once you notice it. This happens very gradually over time, where the inside diameter of a pipe will become smaller, which decreases the flow of water. You will also see rusting occur to metal hardware such as your faucets. Even appliances like a dishwasher, coffee maker, and ice machine can be ruined by hard water.

A whole home water softening system can remove those tough minerals. When the water passes through the salt in the filter, the minerals stick to salt instead of passing through to your plumbing.

Your Skin Will Not Become As Dry

Hard water can affect more than your showerhead, since it puts your skin at risk of becoming dry. Hard water can be the reason you are experiencing irritated, itchy, or scaly skin. It's because the minerals in hard water will make it difficult to rinse off soap and dirt, which causes skin irritation.

Having soft water in your shower will help you become cleaner, and should be the first step in preventing dry skin from occurring.

Your Water Will Not Stink

One of the problems with having large amounts of calcium in your water is that it sticks to impurities. If you notice that your water has an odor to it, the problem is from minerals picking up other particles on their way out of your plumbing system.

Using a filtration system will remove the minerals that are the cause of bad taste and smell. It will also avoid the need to have water filtration pitchers that take up room in your refrigerator, since the water will be purified before it comes out of the faucet. 

If you feel like your home could benefit from having a water softening system, contact a local plumber or visit http://gopherplumbing.com to learn more.