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Construction Tips For Beginners

Why You Should De-Ice Your Storm Drain

by Dawn Henry

Ice will sometimes accumulate near storm drains. As the snow melts, water can seep into the drain. However, if the ground temperature is cold enough to freeze the water, this can cause ice to form that can block the storm drain. The ice should also be removed because it can become a hazard for drivers and passersby.

Clear Snow And Debris Away

To prevent ice from building near the storm drain, get a shovel and remove snow from the drain shortly after the snowfall. Especially pay attention to snow accumulation after a snow plow has driven through and may push a lot of snow onto the drain.

The melted snow will drain more easily if you keep the drain cleared from debris. Otherwise, debris will prevent the water from draining out adequately and will allow for the water to freeze. As the snow evaporates, the water can quickly flood the sewer system and cause problems. When the water travels across lawns, it can collect pollutants and debris, carrying them into the sewer. The debris can then cause the sewer system to back up and cause a flood. By keeping your yard clear of debris, you are less likely to have your storm drain clogged by melting snow.

Use Salt, Alcohol Or A De-Icing Solution

If you would like to combat ice with salt, the key is to add the salt right before the snow falls. Then, the salt will prevent the snow from sticking. When using salt, find a product that is listed as being pet-friendly. Another way to melt ice is to use calcium chloride. When salt comes in contact with ice, it lowers the temperature at which ice turns into water. This allows the ice to thaw enough to where your drain will be completely cleared.

Another option is to pour alcohol down the drain. This will cause the ice crystals to dissolve and will cause them to return to their liquid state. Acidic cleaners will reduce the freezing point of the water as well, but can cause damage to a drain if it is used excessively. The most effective of all, however, are the anti-ice solutions that are either purchased at the store or homemade. You can make a de-icing solution by combining one part salt, one part baking soda and two parts white vinegar.

If you have a storm drain that is frozen, you will want to contact a professional drain cleaner. These experts know how to melt very stubborn snow and ice to free them of blockage, and they can also handle sewer cleaning when necessary.