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Construction Tips For Beginners

Buying A Chainsaw? What You Should Know Beforehand

by Dawn Henry

Buying used equipment can save you a ton of money from the start. When you are looking to purchase a used chainsaw, you will have several decisions to make.

Types of Chainsaws

There are three different types of chainsaws to choose from:

Gas – Gas powered chainsaws are most commonly used because they cut fast, they work in any climate and they are powerful. The downside to gas powered chainsaws is that they do require a lot of maintenance and they are quite loud.

Electric – Electric chainsaws are nice because they can be used indoors safely, they don't vibrate as much as gas powered and they are very quiet. The downside to electric chainsaws is that they can't be used in wet conditions and you have to plug them into an electrical outlet for them to work. This pretty much eliminates using them in the woods unless you have a generator to use as a power supply.

Cordless – Small cordless chainsaws aren't designed to cut down big trees. Instead, these are ideal for trimming branches from trees because of how lightweight they are. Unfortunately, the batteries do require charging and they don't last long before a recharge is necessary.

Safety Features to Look For

Manufacturers combine efficiency with safety when they are designing the chainsaws that are marketed. When you are looking into buying a new or used chainsaw, make sure that it has all of the safety features needed, including:

Trigger Lock – A trigger lock mechanism could save your life. It prevents the blade from operating unless your finger is on the trigger. Without the mechanism, the blade could continue to run when you set the saw down to move a branch which puts you and everyone around you at risk.

Chain Tensioning System Mounted on the Side – This will increase the visibility of the area in which you are cutting. Older models have the tensioning system mounted in a way that limits the line of sight as you make cuts, especially those from the top downward.

Anti-Vibration Handles – Using a chainsaw is exhausting work, but if you don't have a chainsaw equipped with anti-vibration handles, the task will be even more difficult. This feature helps relieve the feel of vibrations and eliminates the wrist pain and your hands going numb as you work.

Take your time to find a used or new chainsaw that meets all of your needs and will provide you with years of safe use. Contact a company that deals in used equipment, like Cooke Rentals, for more help.