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Construction Tips For Beginners

3 Signs That An Electrical Panel Upgrade Is Needed In Your Warehouse

by Dawn Henry

Did you put several pieces of new equipment in your warehouse and now the lights flicker in a sporadic manner? You might be dealing with a low level of amps in the electrical panel that is unable to handle the extent of power needed for of all of the new equipment. Investing in getting the electrical panel upgraded by an electrician might resolve the problem you are having with flickering lights. This article will discuss a few of the problems that can occur when it is time for an electrical panel to undergo an upgrade.

Sparks from Power Outlets

If you notice any sparks coming from power outlets, it is not a good idea to continue using them until an inspection is done. For instance, you might have faulty wiring in your warehouse if sparks are created each time that a piece of equipment is being plugged into a power outlet. Faulty wiring is possibly the result of there not being enough amps in the electrical panel. You might want to unplug everything in your warehouse until an electrical panel upgrade is made if you want to reduce the risk of a fire starting.

Circuit Breakers Don't Stay On

One of the most obvious signs of an electrical problem is when circuit breakers begin to continuously trip. However, circuit breakers can also trip a lot when they are broken and need to be repaired. If plugging up your new equipment seemed to have triggered the circuit breakers to trip, it is a sign that your electrical panel is now powerful enough. An increase in amps should allow the electrical panel to send electricity to each room of your warehouse without circuit breakers tripping from a power overload. It is also wise to consider upgrading to even more amps by getting an electrical sub-panel installed, as it can be beneficial if you invest in more equipment in the future.

Equipment Feels Hot

If you have any warehouse equipment that feels hot whether being used or not, it is a big sign of an electrical wiring problem. The wires in the walls can overheat and cause the appliance to have hot wires as well when the electrical panel has an insufficient amount of amps. The hot appliance can be a sign that a fire is imminent if you don't unplug the equipment and get the electrical problem fixed. Make sure to contact an electrician or company like Arts Electric to get the electrical panel in your warehouse as soon as possible.