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Construction Tips For Beginners

Choosing A New Sink

by Dawn Henry

An ugly or damaged kitchen sink can ruin the look of your kitchen. If repairing your sink again does not seem like a good solution, you can have your contractor replace it with one that is both durable and attractive. Before deciding on your new sink, explore a variety of materials.

Composite Granite

Experts like these sinks because they are durable and stylish. If you purchase a darker hue, your sink can be rather dirty without anyone noticing. Of course, you should clean it regularly, but if unexpected company shows up, they'll never notice the neglect. They also do not show scratches like some other materials do. Their look is quite modern, as well, so people will think you purchased it for appearance's sake instead of practical reasons. 


Enamel on cast iron or steel is still a good choice for some homes, although it may require more care than some other materials. You'll save money on the enamel on steel version, but you may sacrifice some durability. When tested, enamel stood up well to hot pots and pans, but the enamel did chip when a five-lb. weight was dropped on it. If you have children, you might want to make a different choice. One advantage of this material is the huge number of color choices available. You can really spice up your kitchen by picking a bold color for your sink. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is still the go-to material for many people. If you want to stick with stainless, you will benefit from its gleaming good looks and durability. Surprisingly, the higher gauge steel is often not your best choice. You should probably stay in the 16 - 18 gauge range. You will also want to test how it sounds. You should tap it to judge how loud it will be. Remember, you do not want a sink that will wake up the dog every time you drop a spoon into it. Choosing a matte finish will help ensure that your sink looks its best over the long run.

You can afford to get a little creative with your kitchen sink. Although stainless steel is always a great choice, you can consider other materials that will give you a different look while still standing up to tough daily use. Consult with your local contractor to find out what sink may work best with the decor in your kitchen. 

For more information, contact a sink repair company, like Gold Seal Plumbing.