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Construction Tips For Beginners

The Best Types Of Automatic Doors Available

by Dawn Henry

Automatic sliding doors are a part of your business that may become so familiar that you do not even realize that it's there. However, when your customers are coming to your business for the first time, the automatic sliding door is one of the first impressions that your business makes.

Bi-Parting Doors

Bi-parting doors are those that slide together or apart. They are considered to be the safest type of automatic door because they do not swing outward, which could otherwise lead to an injury. However, the entrance where the doors are installed must be large enough to fit this larger type of automatic door. The breakout options for this type of door include the door breaking out when pushed or a fixed sideline where only the active leafs break out.

Swing Doors

Swing automatic doors will swing inwardly or outwardly. This is helpful if your business only has a narrow space to place the swinging automatic door. However, these doors also have a greater potential to cause injuries if the doors swing out and hit someone unexpectedly. However, there are safety measures put in place for many doors to ensure that they stop swinging when they come in contact with someone or something. Also, if there is not a lot of space in front and behind the swinging door, this can make this door not feasible. Swinging doors can also be used to guide visitors to certain parts of the facility.

Telescoping Doors

If you are very limited on space, your only option may be a telescoping door. These doors expand or contract in size to open or close. This means that the door never expands outwardly anymore than its original size. It consists of several panels that fold over each other when the door opens. As a result, these types of doors can fit many types of openings.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors can be used to help move people into the building more quickly, which is useful for buildings that have a lot of traffic. Automatic rotating doors begin to move once sensors detect visitors both within and inside the revolving door. Safety devices are put in place to stop or reverse the door. A button should be placed within the revolving door so that visitors can stop it when necessary.

Each type of door has its advantages. If you are still trying to decide, contact an automatic doors company (like Allied Door Controls & Glass) and ask a consultant to visit your facility.