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Construction Tips For Beginners

Have A Wooden Marine Dock? Tips To Keep It In Good Shape

by Dawn Henry

If you have a wooden marine dock, it is important that you learn how to take proper care of it. If you do not, it could cause injury to anyone that walks across the dock. To prevent this from happening, below are some tips to keep the dock in good condition.

Provide Protection

Because the wood is constantly around water, it must be protected. Treated lumber is best when building your wooden marine dock. If you did not use treated lumber, at least replace any wood that you have to repair with treated lumber. This lumber is treated for water protection.

You should also put a sealant on the marine wood. There are sealants made especially for docks. If possible, remove the dock from the water before you place the sealant. When you are finished, let the marine dock completely dry before you place it back in the water. The sealant will have instructions on how to apply it to the wood. Make it a practice to place the sealant on the wood at least twice per year, such as during the spring months after the last freeze and then again during the fall months before you have your first freeze.

Inspect Wooden Platforms

It is vital that you inspect the wooden platforms on a regular basis because they constantly sit in water. You can simply dive under the water and use your hands to check the platforms. If you have a very large marine dock and want to do a detailed inspection, you can use scuba diving gear. If you do not have this gear, you can rent it.

If you find any problems at all, they should be repaired immediately. If you only find small holes, use putty that is water resistant to fill them in. This is generally called "marine putty." If you find a lot of damage on the platforms, youmshould consider replacing them. In the end, this is much more cost effective.

If the marine dock is old and you find a lot of damage to it, you should consider replacing the entire dock.

Contact a dock repair company to help you if you are not experienced with any of this. They can help you determine if the dock should be replaced or if they can repair it to make it like new again. For more information, contact local professionals like Abbotts' Construction Services Inc.