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Construction Tips For Beginners

Severe Foundation Issues Not Repairable By The Average Quick-Fix Project

by Dawn Henry

If there is one thing a contractor can tell you about your older home that you don't want to hear, it is that your home has foundation issues. The foundation is what provides strength and support to the rest of the home structure, so if this platform is in jeopardy, so is your entire home. While there are some foundation issues that can be tackled without hefty planned time frames and heavy construction equipment, there are always those foundation problems that are so severe they will require drastic construction attention to be safe and sturdy again. Here are a few severe foundation issues not repairable via the usual means and could require drastic action.

The foundation of your home, or part of it, has settled into the ground to a dangerous extent. 

the settling of a house's foundation through the years to an extent is a normal occurrence and happens so slowly most of the time that it is not that big of a deal. However, if there is a drastic change in ground density or a major shift in the underlying geology of your home, the foundation can sink in such a way that your entire home would be in danger of collapsing. In these situations, contractors usually have no choice but to attempt to install stationary secondary piers for the foundation to be propped against to prevent further settling. 

Adding secondary piers can be accomplished with concrete or steel, but either way, the project is a lengthy one. The old foundation is stacked against the piers for support. The original foundation has to be dug out and hydraulically jacked back into position. Even before this can occur, a shoring support system must be implemented to prevent damage to the frame of the house. 

Part of the home's foundation has detached from the rest and is sinking. 

Sometimes the foundation is not fully damaged, but just part of it or a specific section. In the eyes of a homeowner, this may sound like it is a basic problem because it does not involve the entire foundation. However, this is just as serious to contend with. To rectify this situation, contractors usually have to determine the cause of the breakage and make amends. For example, if there is an overabundance of water content in the ground beneath this section of the foundation, they may use a slurry of concrete and sand emulsifiers to inject into the ground and add stability.

During this project, this detached section of the foundation will also have to be jacked back into position. The injected mixture for stabilization can take quite some time to cure before the foundation can be replaced into position.