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Construction Tips For Beginners

What To Expect When You Want To Have An Inground Pool Created In Your Backyard

by Dawn Henry

An inground pool can be a great place for your family to be able to enjoy time together in a relaxing environment during the hot summer months. Having an inground pool created in your backyard may take more steps than you think, though. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know about having an inground pool created in your yard.

Choose the Specifics About the Pool

The first thing you will need to do is you need to choose the specifics about the pool. You need to choose how large you want it to be, how deep you want it to be, and what shape you want it to be in. You need to discuss with the contractor where you were planning to have the pool located so that he or she can let you know if that is a feasible option.

Permits Must be Gotten

Before a contracting company can start creating your pool for you, they have to get permits that give them permission to do the job. There are some places where power lines run directly through the yard without someone knowing about it. The company will need to have the utility lines moved if they are in the way before any excavation work can be done. Once the permits for the construction have been granted, the company can start the excavation process.

Excavation Can Take Time

When a hole is dug in your yard for the pool, it will take time. The excavation contractor cannot simply dig a hole and drop the dirt in your yard. This would make it difficult for the other contractors to do their jobs when it comes time to adding the pool to the hole. The excavation company will need to move the dirt into a dump truck that can haul the dirt away when the excavation is done. Measurements will need to be taken time and again to make sure that the hole is deep enough to suit the pool you have chosen.

The Pool Will Be Placed in the Hole

After the hole has been dug and the dirt has been packed down, the pool shell will be put into place. Many people do not realize that most inground pools are created outside of the ground and then simply slipped into place. This ensures that the pool has a proper seal so that the water stays inside of it rather than seeping into the ground.

Once the shell is in place, the contractors will build around the edges of the pool to ensure that it stays in place and everyone has a safe place to walk around the pool. The deck for the pool will be created by the pool contractors, but the filter system may need to be installed by a specialist.