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Construction Tips For Beginners

Hard To Burn Down: Materials That Resist Fire

by Dawn Henry

If your last or previous home burned down because of a fire, you may be a little leery of replacing it with another home made of wood. That is understandable. Once you receive your settlement check from the insurance company, you are free to rebuild your home with any materials you want. If you have your heart set on building a new home that is far less flammable, here are some materials and resources that can help.

Masonry Contractors

Masonry is the construction business that deals entirely with stone, brick, and mortar. Short of placing your home on an active volcano, nothing can burn down a stone building. Consult with a mason about rebuilding with brick. He or she will provide you with some excellent information on the types of materials that you can use to prevent another fire, or at the very least, leave most of your home still standing if you do experience another house fire.

Limestone or Concrete Block

Limestone is quite fire resistant. In areas where large quantities of limestone exist, fires have burned down forests, but the limestone is, and has been, unaltered. Additionally, limestone indicates sources of water, which often cause fires to dissipate around these rocks. A mason would encourage rebuilding with limestone, or with concrete block. 

Concrete block is a mixture of other stones that have been ground up, made into a slurry, and poured into molds. The blocks are very thick and heavy. Because of their density, they too resist fire. Both would be good options for rebuilding your home.

Red Brick or Hewn Stone

As for the exterior appearance, red brick or hewn stone are both popular. They both add several more inches of density to the stones used to build the framework of your home. Red brick is man-made, but is still fireproof. Hewn stone is typically quarried stone or river stone that has been either hand-cut or machine cut into bricks. The variations in texture and color create a very attractive exterior. It, too, is fireproof. Either of these would be a viable replacement for burnable, meltable, vinyl siding.

Metal Roofing

Traditional roofing burns quickly. Metal roofing does not. In fact, it is very difficult to get fire temperatures hot enough to burn up a metal roof. Ergo, you might want to consider adding a metal roof to your stone and brick home to protect the whole of your new house.

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