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Construction Tips For Beginners

New Florida Resident? What Should You Know About The 40-Year Recertification Process?

by Dawn Henry

If you're a recent transplant to the Sunshine State, you may be wondering about a process called the "40-year recertification." This regulatory requirement, which is relatively unique to Florida, requires owners of commercial buildings, apartment buildings, and industrial buildings that were constructed 40 or more years ago to have a structural inspection performed so that a recertification certificate may be issued. Read on to learn more about this process and whether your building falls under the 40-year rule.

What Buildings Are Required to Have a 40-Year Recertification?

If you only own a single-family home in Florida, there's no need to worry about recertification. Because most home purchasers have an inspection performed before buying, usually as a condition imposed by the mortgage company, there is less concern about out-of-date electrical systems, damaged foundations, or other structural or safety issues that could pose problems.  

However, many commercial, retail, and industrial buildings may be maintained under a single person or company's ownership for decades, making it less likely that these inspections and corrections are frequently performed. As a result, owners of these buildings, along with certain multi-unit apartment buildings, must obtain a 40-year recertification permit on or after their building's 40th birthday.  

What Does the Recertification Accomplish?

The purpose of the 40-year recertification is to ensure that older buildings that may have structural or safety issues are brought up-to-code, helping avoid injury to employees, residents, or patrons and damage to surrounding buildings. Because Florida is often hit by hurricanes and tropical storms, the state has a special interest in ensuring its buildings are in good shape and can weather whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

The recertification can also be helpful in the sales context; a property that has recently been recertified is likely to sell more quickly and at a higher price than a property that's awaiting certification.

What Happens if a Structural Issue is Noted?

If the recertification inspection reveals any structural or safety issues, the owner will be provided with a detailed list of these issues and information on when and how to correct them. The recertification inspection can be rescheduled for after these repairs have been performed, and a certificate may be issued at that time.

Not only can ignoring a failed recertification inspection pose a risk of danger to those who frequently visit or use your building, it could subject you to civil fines and other penalties or even prevent you from selling your property. Although sinking money into building repairs isn't usually something any building owner is eager to do, there are many reasons it's a good idea to have these repairs performed sooner rather than later. Contact a company, like G Batista & Associates, for more help.