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Construction Tips For Beginners

3 Things Spot Dredging Services Can Do To Improve Water Quality

by Dawn Henry

Spot dredging is a fairly common service anywhere there is moving water. It is very useful in a lot of ways. The following provides the short list of what spot dredging can do to help improve water quality near you.

1. Spot Dredging Your Boat Launches 

Pulling boats in and out of the water often tends to pull more of the sand and silt from the bottom of the waterway closer to land. As this builds up, it becomes very difficult to launch your boat. Whether you use a public boat launch, or you have your own private boat launch, spot dredging can fix this problem. It is advisable that you engage a spot dredging contractor annually to prevent accumulation.

Additionally, if you have a lot of mud and frequent low tides, spot dredging can lower the mud levels to meet the water. This will also help get your boat into the water easier. It prevents your boat trailer from becoming stuck in the mud, too.

2. Spot Dredging a River for PCBs

In the Midwest where there are tons of paper factories sitting on the edges of lakes and rivers, an accumulation of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) has settled on the bottoms of these waterways. They have to be dredged up and removed, as these chemicals are directly tied to toxic water, birth defects in humans and wildlife, and death of fish and game. Spot dredging in many of these areas continues, as the PCBs were dumped into these waterways forty years ago, prior to the determination of the negative effects of these chemicals.

3. Spot Dredging a Private, Man-Made Lake to Keep the Bottom Low

Private, man-made lakes are made with the intent of providing a lake with a very specific depth. The problem is, many of these lakes begin to accumulate more silt on the bottom due to bank erosion. When that happens, the depth of these lakes is affected. They become more shallow until they dry up completely. To avoid that, these lakes should be dredged at least once every other year.

If you own or live on one of these lakes, you can hire a diver to check the depths of the lake to see if it has to be dredged more frequently. The diver can also determine which part of the lake seems to be more shallow than the rest. Then your dredging contractor can dredge just that section of the lake a little more often.