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Construction Tips For Beginners

Why Vinyl Is Preferred Over Aluminum

by Dawn Henry

Vinyl windows replaced aluminum as the go-to sash material for residential fixtures. It is a material that has pretty much all the characteristics you would want in your window sashes. For example, vinyl is waterproof; it doesn't need to be painted, it doesn't split or crack, the surface is dyed, and has a smooth texture. This article explains why vinyl is still a better window option than aluminum.

Vinyl is Strong 

A window sash holds the glass pane in place. Having a material like vinyl is very important when it comes to the long-term integrity of the bond between your sash and glass. The weather or moisture conditions don't alter vinyl. It does not swell when it gets wet, or warp in extreme heat. It should remain equally functional despite the weather conditions. That is, sliding fixtures will be easy to operate, and you don't have to worry about the glass coming loose from inside the sash fitting.

Vinyl is Ideal for Sliding Fixtures

The surface on vinyl is smooth with a very minor texture detail. This texture is actually meant to reduce friction, which is perfect for sliding fixtures. Most vinyl windows are easy to slide open even if they are never lubricated. You just have to keep the track free of dirt so that it can slide freely.

Vinyl Comes in More Styles

The style of the window sashes is what some people are mainly concerned about. Most window sashes are a subtle color that matches the trim around the window. White is obviously the most common color. But, what has made vinyl more and more popular is its ability to be finished and printed with more detail. As opposed to aluminum which is usually just one solid color, vinyl windows can have decorative and textured prints.

Vinyl Has Better Insulation

Another important advantage that vinyl sashes have is improved insulation. They are definitely thicker than aluminum, so they don't lose their heat as quickly. Vinyl windows sashes can either be hollow or solid. Solid products have better insulation then windows that are hollow. 

That being said, they are also more expensive and heavier. However, the best insulation can be found on vinyl windows that are hollow but have fiberglass inside the sash. Regardless of the exact sash design you choose, you just want to make sure that your product has the appropriate R-value for your home.

For more information, contact your local window contractor.