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Construction Tips For Beginners

4 Things That You Consider While Converting An Existing Oil Boiler To Biomass Fuel

by Dawn Henry

If you are using an outdated oil boiler, it may be time to consider energy efficient upgrades. Sometimes, complete replacement of a boiler is not a cost-effective solution to help save energy and money. Instead, you may want to consider improvements like retubing, upgrading control panels, and using renewable energy. The following tips will help you with some of the considerations that you will need to make when upgrading your boiler to energy efficient biomass fuels:

1. Retubing The Boiler to Improve Efficiency and Prepare for The Conversion

Converting your oil boiler from heating oil to biomass fuel is a lot more than just installing a new burner on the boiler. One of the first things that you will want to do is to have the boiler retube to ensure that it is efficient, and the terms are not decaying. Before you move on to other tasks when converting your boiler, talk with the boiler repair service about retubing the boiler and other improvements that need to be done before the boiler can be converted to biomass fuels.

2. Installing the Fuel Storage and Feeding Systems Needed for Biomass Boilers

Another improvement that is going to need to be made to the boiler is fuel storage. Usually, these boilers use a pellet fuel that is made from dry organic waste materials I'm out which will mean you need to have a storage silo built or installed for the fuel. In addition to the fuel storage, there will also be a need for a fuel feeding system which is an auger that moves the fuel materials from the storage to the boiler's burner.

3. Replacing the Boiler's Burner with A New Biomass Fuel Burner

They main part of converting your boiler will be replacing the burner, which is the most important component of the boiler that heats the water or liquid's inside. The burner will need to be replaced with a biomass boiler that is designed to burn organic materials such as pellet fuels or agricultural waste materials that have been broken down to use as a fuel source. These boiler's burners are much more efficient than oil or gas systems and can help you save money.

4. Replacing the Old Control Module with An Efficient Biomass Control Panel

Lastly, you are going to need to replace the existing control module because it is designed for the needs of an oil boiler. Today there are computer controls that can be used to convert your existing oil boiler to biomass fuel and improve energy efficiency. Talk with a boiler repair service about replacing the control module as well as any other electronics or sensors that your boiler uses.

These are some other things that you want to consider when updating your boiler to biomass fuels. If you need help choosing the right upgrades and improvements for your boiler, contact a boiler repair service and talk to them about retrieving your boiler and converting it to energy efficient biomass fuels.