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Construction Tips For Beginners

Is Your Well Water System Failing? What To Know If It's Time To Upgrade Your System

by Dawn Henry

If you have noticed the quality of your water is poor or that there are strange tastes or odors to your water, it may be time to look at installing a new well or updating the current system that you have. If your well is decades old, you may want to make some alterations so you can get the best water possible and so you can be sure that the water you are drinking is safe. Here are some of the things to talk with a contractor about, and to get quotes to have completed.

Specific Problems with Your Well

There are many things that can contribute to the decline of your water quality. This includes the following things:

  • Hard mineral build-up around the inside of the well and the water pipes
  • Rusting components on the water well
  • Contamination in the soil and groundwater around the well
  • Poor filtration with the water softening and purification system

If any of these things are causing your issues, there may be single components that need to be replaced. If the entire system is too outdated or could be improved, replacement may be the best option.

Possible Relocation

Have the contractor evaluate the property to make sure that the water well system was put in the correct place on the property. If you are updating and replacing the well, you may want to move it as well. This could help with water supply and quality.

Ecological and Efficient Options

Talk with the contractor about getting a system that will run off solar power if possible. If you are going to replace the well and need to replace other water-related appliances like the water heater, a geothermal option may be ideal. Let the contractor know that you want to find the most ecological and efficient options that are available.

If you think that your well water system is deteriorating underground and that it may be time to replace it, you want to talk with a contractor that specializes in the installation of these types of systems. This way you know you are improving to a system that is the best for your property and that will allow you to get the highest quality water that you can from the ground where you live. There are many advantages to having your own well, you just have to be sure you have a high-quality well water system option.