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I'm glad you stopped by my website. I am Rafael Singleton. I always felt that there wasn't enough information available for those who would like to do a little renovation or those who would like to engage in their own construction projects. There is a lot of information that would be helpful for a professional construction contractor, but I always had a difficult time navigating the resources out there as a layman. I'm the type who always likes to take the initiative to get something done if I notice nobody else stepping up to the plate, so I decided to create this website focused on construction.


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Construction Tips For Beginners

Accident Prevention On The Highways During Road Construction Season

by Dawn Henry

In some parts of the United States, there is a joke about there being only two seasons: winter, and road construction season. It will make you chuckle, but it does seem accurate when you are actually a road construction contractor. Little road construction is completed during the months of winter in the Midwest, while the rest of the year the crews spend twelve- to fourteen-hour days building and rebuilding roads. During this time, there are thousands of drivers flying down roads near construction crews, and accidents are a potential danger of the job. If you want to protect your crews, you need more than orange traffic cones. 

Crash Truck Rental

The sole purpose of these trucks is to prevent cars from picking off your workers. The crash trucks put down braces on the road, and the trucks sit several hundred feet in front of where the road crews are working. If anything tries to come down that lane and is driving too fast, it will hit the crash truck first. If it manages to push the crash truck onward or to the side, it will still make a loud enough noise for your crews to take notice and quickly move out of the way before the ramming vehicle has time to get to the crew members. For added protection, rent four crash trucks, placing two behind the work zone a hundred feet apart, and two ahead of the work zone, another hundred feet apart. 

Contact a company like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc., for more information about crash truck rental.

Digital Move-Over Arrow Signs

These signs are big enough to block an entire lane of traffic. With their move-over arrows blinking incessantly, they are impossible to miss unless a driver falls asleep at the wheel. Additionally, if a driver does hit this sign, it may be enough to shock them awake and let them regain control of their vehicle. If it does not, or if there is a medical emergency affecting the driver (e.g., heart attack, seizure, etc.), then the loud noise of the car hitting the sign's metal frame and glass bulbs with sparks of electricity flying everywhere should be enough to alert your crew that something big is heading their way. 

Sand and Water Barrels

Giant blue barrels filled with water or sand help stop a moving vehicle. Sand is preferable as it is denser than water, but water is far easier to clean up than sand. The water will evaporate, while the sand needs to be swept from the roadway.