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Construction Tips For Beginners

Everything You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioner

by Dawn Henry

Most people only know whether or not their air conditioning system is working, not how or why it works. If you want to keep your unit running efficiently, however, it is important to know how to take care of it and when to call in your local air conditioning service

How does air conditioning work?

Your air conditioner, or AC, does not actually cool the air. Instead, the unit removes hot air from your house and transfers it outside. The remaining air is passed over condenser coils, which helps lower the temperature. 

Should you put your air conditioner on 'fan' or 'auto'?

It is advisable to keep your air conditioning unit on the 'auto' setting. This allows the unit to work more efficiently at removing hot, humid air from your home. 

What temperature should my AC be set at?

The proper setting for your air conditioner is up for debate. While some experts state that 72 degrees is the ideal indoor temperature, others deem 78 degrees a better choice. The truth is somewhere in between and has to deal more with humidity levels than the actual temperature. 

The lower the humidity level, the higher you can set your thermostat and still feel comfortable. 

Should I turn my AC off at night?

Turning off your air conditioner at night can save you money. If you live in an area where the outside temperature cools down at night and the humidity is low, you can open your windows and turn off the AC after the sun goes down. The cool, bight air will keep your house at a comfortable temperature for sleeping and save electricity in the process. 

What maintenance does my air conditioner need?

You need to clean or replace the filters on your interior unit every two to four weeks for optimal efficiency. You should also keep the exterior unit free from debris to allow for proper air intake. This includes both trimming grass and other vegetation growing near the unit as well as rinsing the unit with a hose to remove dust, cobwebs, pollen, and grass clippings that might be blocking the unit. 

When should I have my AC serviced?

In addition to regular maintenance, you should call an air conditioning repair service to have your unit examined once a year, preferably before you turn the unit on for the year. They can check to make sure the unit is working properly, recharge the coolant, and look for any leaks. 

Your air conditioner will keep you and your home cool as long as you know how to use it and take care of it.