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Construction Tips For Beginners

Top Signs There's Something Wrong With Your Septic Tank Drainfield

by Dawn Henry

There are various critical components of your septic system, including your septic tank and your drainfield. If something goes wrong with just one component of your system, you might find that you will have problems with the entire system. For example, if something goes wrong with your drainfield, it's important to contact a septic tank drainfield repair service as soon as you are aware of the problem. These are a few signs that your drainfield might need some attention.

You Notice Sewage Smells Outside

In some cases, when there are issues with a septic system or a person's plumbing, it's not uncommon to notice sewage smells inside the house. If you notice sewage smells when you're standing outside, however, there's a good chance that the problem is related to your drainfield. Hiring a professional will help you get to the bottom of whatever problem might be present with your drainfield, and it should help you get rid of the odor, too.

There's Standing Water in Your Drainfield Area

If you know where your drainfield is located, you may want to check the area from time to time to make sure that there is no standing water. If standing water seems to be a problem there — even if it has been a while since it rained — then it could be an indication that your drainfield is not working like it is supposed to.

You've Been Driving Over Your Drainfield

It is important to avoid driving or parking over your drainfield. After all, doing so can cause serious and expensive damage to your drainfield. If you or your family members have been making this mistake, there is a chance that your drainfield has already been damaged. You may want to have it checked out; then, you can avoid driving over the drainfield in the future.

Your Drains Aren't Draining Like They Are Supposed To

If you have noticed that your toilets are not flushing like they are supposed to or that your sink isn't draining as quickly as it used to, you should know that these problems might be related to your drainfield. There are actually various things that can cause slow draining or sewage backup in the home; there might be a plumbing clog, for example, or your septic tank might need to be pumped. If you know that it isn't one of these issues, there's a good chance that your issue is related to your drainfield. A professional who regularly performs work on septic systems can help you determine the cause of your issues.