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Construction Tips For Beginners

3 Reasons To Use Structural Shotcrete

by Dawn Henry

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. Construction concrete technology has continued to evolve throughout the years, giving contractors more options than ever before to choose from when pouring concrete for major projects.

One type of concrete product you should consider is structural shotcrete. This type of concrete can offer you a number of benefits that will help improve the quality and consistency of your concrete work over time.

1. Reduce Installation Time

One of the biggest reasons modern contractors are singing the praises of structural shotcrete is the reduced amount of time required to install this concrete product. Structural shotcrete is not installed using traditional wooden forms. Instead, a hose is used to lay concrete in layers.

This approach requires less curing time and reduces the amount of preparation needed to create a concrete structure. Reducing the installation time for your concrete can help you keep a major project on schedule and within budget.

2. Create Custom Concrete Shapes

Another reason to consider structural shotcrete is the flexibility this concrete product offers in terms of design. Modern customers want buildings that are unique and functional. Structural shotcrete makes it possible to create complex shapes from concrete.

The traditional method of using wooden forms to mold concrete into shape is not feasible on projects that incorporate odd shapes and structures. Structural shotcrete can be used to create standard rectangular walls or custom shapes that will meet the needs of your customers.

3. Reduce Project Costs

One of the primary concerns on any major construction project is cost. All contractors want their projects to stay within the prescribed budget, and using structural shotcrete instead of traditional concrete can be a simple way to reduce costs.

Fewer materials are required to install structural shotcrete. Eliminating wooden forms, trowels, and other specialized concrete tools from your arsenal can help keep overhead costs low. You will also find that you need fewer laborers to install shotcrete when compared with traditional concrete, so labor costs can be reduced as well.

By using structural shotcrete on your construction sites, you can increase the profitability of each project you complete by keeping costs as low as possible. Structural shotcrete has revolutionized the way contractors approach the creation of concrete structures.

Consider the ways that shotcrete can benefit your construction company, then implement shotcrete into your repertoire so that you can enjoy the lower costs, reduced installation time, and greater flexibility structural shotcrete can offer.