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I'm glad you stopped by my website. I am Rafael Singleton. I always felt that there wasn't enough information available for those who would like to do a little renovation or those who would like to engage in their own construction projects. There is a lot of information that would be helpful for a professional construction contractor, but I always had a difficult time navigating the resources out there as a layman. I'm the type who always likes to take the initiative to get something done if I notice nobody else stepping up to the plate, so I decided to create this website focused on construction.


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Construction Tips For Beginners

    3 Misconceptions About Private Water Wells

    One of the main benefits of having a private well is that you will not have to pay a monthly bill for your water usage. This can save you a tremendous amount of money over time. Unfortunately, many people have a negative impression about water wells because they believe myths. By understanding the truth behind these common misconceptions, you will be able to see the real benefits of having a private water well.

    Need A New Roof?

    Did you have leaks in your house last time it rained? Perhaps things aren't quite that desperate yet, but you know that the roof will soon become a problem. Perhaps you just haven't decided on what kind of roof you want. If that's the case, from driving around your town for ideas to talking to a commercial roofing provider, here are some ideas that might help you as you plan to select your next roof.

    Why Vinyl Is Preferred Over Aluminum

    Vinyl windows replaced aluminum as the go-to sash material for residential fixtures. It is a material that has pretty much all the characteristics you would want in your window sashes. For example, vinyl is waterproof; it doesn't need to be painted, it doesn't split or crack, the surface is dyed, and has a smooth texture. This article explains why vinyl is still a better window option than aluminum. Vinyl is Strong 

    3 Things Spot Dredging Services Can Do To Improve Water Quality

    Spot dredging is a fairly common service anywhere there is moving water. It is very useful in a lot of ways. The following provides the short list of what spot dredging can do to help improve water quality near you. 1. Spot Dredging Your Boat Launches  Pulling boats in and out of the water often tends to pull more of the sand and silt from the bottom of the waterway closer to land.

    Is A Wood Or Gas Fireplace Best For Your New Cabin In The Woods?

    If you're building a cabin getaway in the woods, you're probably thinking about putting in a fireplace. Fireplaces and cabins just go together. A fire sets a relaxing mood and adds heat to the room. Curling up by a fireplace is the perfect way to get cozy when the snow is falling all around your cabin. The one thing you'll have to decide is if you want a wood or gas fireplace.

    New Florida Resident? What Should You Know About The 40-Year Recertification Process?

    If you're a recent transplant to the Sunshine State, you may be wondering about a process called the "40-year recertification." This regulatory requirement, which is relatively unique to Florida, requires owners of commercial buildings, apartment buildings, and industrial buildings that were constructed 40 or more years ago to have a structural inspection performed so that a recertification certificate may be issued. Read on to learn more about this process and whether your building falls under the 40-year rule.

    Hard To Burn Down: Materials That Resist Fire

    If your last or previous home burned down because of a fire, you may be a little leery of replacing it with another home made of wood. That is understandable. Once you receive your settlement check from the insurance company, you are free to rebuild your home with any materials you want. If you have your heart set on building a new home that is far less flammable, here are some materials and resources that can help.

    3 Industrial Plumbing Tips To Follow

    Access to indoor plumbing is a modern convenience that many business owners take for granted. In order to ensure that your company's plumbing system remains functional in the future, you need to take the time to properly maintain plumbing over time. Here are three industrial plumbing tips that you can follow to prevent plumbing problems from plaguing your company over time. 1. Address slow drains immediately. One of the most important things that you can do to ensure your industrial plumbing system functions properly in the future is pay close attention to the speed of your drains.