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I'm glad you stopped by my website. I am Rafael Singleton. I always felt that there wasn't enough information available for those who would like to do a little renovation or those who would like to engage in their own construction projects. There is a lot of information that would be helpful for a professional construction contractor, but I always had a difficult time navigating the resources out there as a layman. I'm the type who always likes to take the initiative to get something done if I notice nobody else stepping up to the plate, so I decided to create this website focused on construction.


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Construction Tips For Beginners

    Fitting The Right Drywall To Your Needs

    Up until the late 1800s, the choice of interior wall was plaster. And then drywall was invented. It was found to be easier to use and cheaper to make. It also dried faster, speeding up the building process. But with all of the technological advances since then, there have been many different types of drywall invented. So how are you to know which one to use? How do you know which type is best for your project?

    Three Places To Check For Leaks In A Flat Roof

    If you see water damage on the roof of your house, finding the leak is not as easy as looking at the part of your roof directly above the damage on your ceiling. Water can leak under your roofing and travel for several feet along the decking before it finds a point of entry to your attic. From there, water can travel along wiring, HVAC ducts, and other objects in your attic before it finally makes its way into your house.

    Tips For Landscaping Your New Septic System's Mound Area

    If you just had a home custom built and it has a mound-style septic system, then it is important that you understand how to properly landscape the mounded area. Since some plants and trees will cause catastrophic damage to your septic system in just a few year's time, it is vital that you plant the area with only septic-safe vegetation. For this reason, here are some tips for landscaping your new home's septic system mound:

    4 Crucial Considerations for Building a Beachfront Home

    When you purchased that land package right on the edge of the ocean, you probably couldn't wait to get started building your new home. There are many rules and regulations that construction companies, contractors, residential builders and property owners have to adhere to when erecting and expanding structures that are within the vicinity of lakes, oceans, wetlands and so forth. Here are some of the considerations you should discuss with your contractor in detail before you embark on having your new home constructed along a waterway.

    What To Expect When You Want To Have An Inground Pool Created In Your Backyard

    An inground pool can be a great place for your family to be able to enjoy time together in a relaxing environment during the hot summer months. Having an inground pool created in your backyard may take more steps than you think, though. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know about having an inground pool created in your yard. Choose the Specifics About the Pool

    Severe Foundation Issues Not Repairable By The Average Quick-Fix Project

    If there is one thing a contractor can tell you about your older home that you don't want to hear, it is that your home has foundation issues. The foundation is what provides strength and support to the rest of the home structure, so if this platform is in jeopardy, so is your entire home. While there are some foundation issues that can be tackled without hefty planned time frames and heavy construction equipment, there are always those foundation problems that are so severe they will require drastic construction attention to be safe and sturdy again.

    Comparing Liquid And Sheet Basement Waterproofing

    Basement waterproofing is extremely important when it comes to protecting your home from water damage, mold growth, and a whole host of other problems which can arise if water manages to flood your basement. Liquid and sheet basement waterproofing are two of the most common methods employed by contractors to protect your basement from water damage, and while both seek to perform the same function, their different application methods provide them each with a unique set of advantages and drawbacks.

    4 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Drywall

    Installing drywall is not for the faint of heart. It can be quite a big job, especially if you have no idea what you're doing. The drywall itself can be pretty heavy, then there is the tape and mud process (which can be pretty messy), in addition to the sanding of the mud to make your walls even without any flaws (again messy). The mud/sanding process is one that may need to be done with several coatings and a process that cannot be rushed.